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College Education Ain’t #Free

I’d like to introduce you to Johnny Sims. He’s an 18 year old 2015 graduate of Catholic High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was born and raised there. He’s not going anyplace anytime soon. He’s attending college close to home. Louisiana State University will be his alumni once he completes his degree in Bio-chemistry.

His addiction to helping people came early in life. His first merit badge in Boy Scouts was in first aid. It seemed only natural for him to choose medicine as a career choice. He is also a driven young man with no commitment issues. He went on to earn his Eagle Scout. His dream is to become an orthopedic surgeon. He received an injury playing sports when he was 11. His orthopedist was able to get him back to a level of health where he could again enjoy playing the sports he loved. He wanted to be able to do the same thing for someone one day.

He works for a company called CutCo. He’s working on earning a scholarship that’s offered to students full time in school. He needs to book appointments, and rank as one of the top 50 representatives in the company from May – August, 2016. He gets credits for doing presentations, and extra credit if someone buys something from him. Even the smallest item their company has for sale will help him.

If you currently have CutCo and need your instruments sharpened, Mr. Sims is the man. He’s participating to earn some extra money towards fees and books typical scholarships don’t pay for. His parents, a teacher and a fleet manager, instilled a strong work ethic in this young man. He has 2 siblings. He’s doing his best to set a good example. If you’d like to help Johnny out, give him a call at 225/610-7330. Don’t crank call the kid. He’s working hard trying to make a life and a living for himself.

He could have chosen a GoFundMe account, but didn’t. He’s not asking for anything special. He’s doing his very best to earn his way through college. Give the kid a hand up if you have the hand to give.





I stay at home to care for my 81 year old father in law and my permanent roommate (read: hubby). We enjoy all kinds of activities, together and apart (I'm sure you know how this goes..) My interests are varied and I love learning new things. I am a self declared beauty product junkie simply because I refuse to look any older than 29. My father in law and I grow 8 different berries on our property but would love to expand our garden in the future. We adore kitchen gadgets, aromatherapy, crafting and anything DIY. He is a retired artist, my husband is retired USMC and into all things survivalist (I mean, the zombie apocalypse COULD happen y'all) and I am in charge of everything the men would forget about.

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