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Why Links Are Important

Being a freeloading housewife isn’t always easy.  I’m passionate about the things I can get for free.  I’m not a fan of spending a certain amount of money and get free shipping. If I have to pay shipping for something I want, I’ll buy it off of Amazon and use my prime account.

Sharing links and getting people to sign up for them is important if you want the best free stuff.  I feel sorry for my husband. I make him sign up for stuff, too.  My last post was about spinning to win with an app called Qrikit. For every person that signs up for Qrikit using my link, I earn $1.  My husband signed up and he can earn his own money by spinning.  I can cash out to my paypal account when my balance hits $25.00 and so can my husband.  That’s $50 every 6 weeks or so depending on if you remember to spin.  It takes less than 10 minutes a day.  My friends sign up, but my readers don’t.  It’s something I don’t understand. I earn nearly $100 a month in Amazon gift cards from all kinds of places and share them with my readers.

For some link sharing, there is something you must do in order for me to gain something. I always explain that when it applies.  Surveys are an easy way to earn money during down time like waiting in the doctors office or watching a movie your husband wants to watch and you don’t. It doesn’t take any time at all.  I also earn $1 just for you signing up.  Earn 50 points and you can cash out for a $5 Amazon gift card or save up 100 points for $100 via PayPal or an iTunes gift card.

Send me an email at (if I open the link for you on my blog it’s considered phishing and I don’t want that) with your referral links for anything and everything.  Let me know if you just need me to sign up to earn or if I need to do something, such as make a purchase.  Also let me know if you blog and your blog link.  I will not share your information with anyone. I wouldn’t even know how.  If I like the link and use it, I’ll share the information with my readers and give an honorable mention to your blog.



I stay at home to care for my 81 year old father in law and my permanent roommate (read: hubby). We enjoy all kinds of activities, together and apart (I'm sure you know how this goes..) My interests are varied and I love learning new things. I am a self declared beauty product junkie simply because I refuse to look any older than 29. My father in law and I grow 8 different berries on our property but would love to expand our garden in the future. We adore kitchen gadgets, aromatherapy, crafting and anything DIY. He is a retired artist, my husband is retired USMC and into all things survivalist (I mean, the zombie apocalypse COULD happen y'all) and I am in charge of everything the men would forget about.

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