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Free Logos For Everyone


I have tried for weeks to make my own  logo, but that’s beyond my technology skills.  It also tests the limits of my patience – and my medication. In addition to this blog I started Free Loading Housewife After Dark.  It’s a sexual wellness blog.  It’s still under construction.  The main purpose of that blog is to open dialogue about sex, the problems, the joys, frustration and solutions that result in overcoming coitus dissatisfaction.  When I set it up and purchased my domain name, I got an email from a company offering to do a logo for me at no charge. Free works for me.  I’m pretty much a save money just about any way I can find a way to save it gal.  So I filled out the forms and questionnaires.

Logo Designers Online will offer a free logo. No strings attached.  If you want the digital form – like the vector file for you techno geeks that understand all of that – it will cost a little bit. $25.00 I think.  It’s your logo. No one can take it from you.

I have a lot of friends who blog, own their own business, have nicknames or whatever. If you’ve been thinking about a simple logo, I highly recommend this process. Their customer service is great. Turn around time is fast.  So go give them a visit. I don’t get a commission. I don’t have any relationship with them and didn’t even know who they were until I received an email from them.



I stay at home to care for my 81 year old father in law and my permanent roommate (read: hubby). We enjoy all kinds of activities, together and apart (I'm sure you know how this goes..) My interests are varied and I love learning new things. I am a self declared beauty product junkie simply because I refuse to look any older than 29. My father in law and I grow 8 different berries on our property but would love to expand our garden in the future. We adore kitchen gadgets, aromatherapy, crafting and anything DIY. He is a retired artist, my husband is retired USMC and into all things survivalist (I mean, the zombie apocalypse COULD happen y'all) and I am in charge of everything the men would forget about.

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