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FREEvealing Moments

I have moments in my life where I can’t recall specifically how I ended up in some situation. I look back, have a wow moment and ask myself, “Did I just do that?” I was stone cold sober and I didn’t black out. I was along for the ride and, at times, in the driver’s seat. The journey just happened so fast and the brakes were inoperable. One such journey is my marriage. I recall being tricked into saying “I Do” almost 18 years ago because I’m pretty sure I said “No, I Won’t” at least half a dozen times. After all these years of marriage, I’m grateful for failed brakes.


My journey with Amazon started much the same way. It involved a conversation with my girlfriend Sierra that revolved around a pair of $8 boots on the Aeropastale website. I’m always interested in a good deal. I never did get the boots, but I got a lesson in how she bought her Christmas gifts for little to no money.  Before I knew it, she talked me into signing up to review products for Amazon. Fast forward a couple of months, and I’m receiving emails from companies direct asking me to try their product. I’m still not exactly sure how it happened, but that’s what I’m doing. There are companies willing to just give you stuff. For huge discounts, and sometimes even free.


It started out with beauty products and jewelry. I like to look young and feel pretty. The man of mine and his dad had no interest in my new adventure. The husband changed his tune when a set of throwing knives showed up. We played our own version of H.O.R.S.E. in the yard for hours. Steve’s daddy just likes getting the boxes so he can use his pocket knife. He became curious when a USB LED flashlight arrived. He claimed it for his own. The UPS drivers hate our driveway. I get between three to five products a day.

So if you have Amazon Prime, have a basic understanding of the written word and want to do your own reviews, sign up at Amazon Review Trader and get started. There are several virtual stores for this, but ART is the simplest place to start. You can ask for help along your journey. I’m not going anywhere.

I never know where my next journey will take me or what it will entail. Stay tuned for my next roller coaster ride.






I stay at home to care for my 81 year old father in law and my permanent roommate (read: hubby). We enjoy all kinds of activities, together and apart (I'm sure you know how this goes..) My interests are varied and I love learning new things. I am a self declared beauty product junkie simply because I refuse to look any older than 29. My father in law and I grow 8 different berries on our property but would love to expand our garden in the future. We adore kitchen gadgets, aromatherapy, crafting and anything DIY. He is a retired artist, my husband is retired USMC and into all things survivalist (I mean, the zombie apocalypse COULD happen y'all) and I am in charge of everything the men would forget about.

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