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Getting To Know You

I’m a freeloading housewife with a permanent roomate and my 81 year old father in law. We enjoy all kinds of activities, together and apart. Alone time is good. I spend it reading, writing, cooking or shopping. My interests are varied and I commit to learning one new thing a year. This year it’s the airbrush. I am a self declared beauty product junkie. I refuse to look any older than 29.

I like nice things, but a family with one income has a hard time budgeting in a Coach purse or Gucci shoes. My husband is all for me having the things I want. He says when the Zombie Apocalypse happens, I can have anything I want. Until then, if I want it, I need to try and find some other way to get it. We had to take a loan out just to get a new set of tires. So I took his advice and found another way. I’ll share with you all the tricks of my trade about saving money, cutting your budget, getting things you need or want for free or at a ridiculously low price.

My first blog post is just a simple getting to know me introduction. By the way, I finally did get my Coach purse. Four of them actually for less than $20. Yes, they were authentic. I also got the Gucci boots. Stay tuned for further details on how you can get the things you want and save 25% of your disposable income while doing it.